Apples Suck

Because they (Adam and Eve) ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, they were given choice. Really you could call it the Tree of Choice. Before they ate from the tree, they only knew good: Gods creation and their relationship with HIM. You could say that things were easy because they didn’t know Bad, or even the concept of NOT doing something. Even when Eve ate the apple, she didnt know that she was doing something bad, she was following what satan told her. They didn’t know anything besides choosing good and living life with God. As soon as we ate from the tree we were given knowledge about good and evil and then granted the choice, “God or TV, God or Drinking, God or Lust, God or Wasting my time” Think about it. Before we were given this revelation, would it have been even a competition to choose God? NO WAY! God out weighs ANYTHING in comparison. Hands down–every time. BUT, the beauty in the fall is THIS VERY IMPORTANT THING. God gave us Choice. The beauty in the fall is that God can be glorified if only we CHOOSE HIM instead of all the crap we throw our way by choosing other things. Why do we choose idolatry over FULLY and 100% choosing God. That’s what it is people, putting other things over Christ and loving it more than Him. Idolatry. Swallow it. THINK ABOUT THIS. Are we seriously brining out the tipping scale to weigh out if God has the same or better importance than that video game, tv show, or music?? This is what the knowledge did for us. The ability to look at both and choose. Lets Glorify His name and MAKE WAR against these desires to choose other things. God reigns over it all. Lets be honest people.

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