Some stay, some go…The question remains.

I have a dilema. Here in Montgomery, IL, I am going to Aurora University for my Bachelors in SWK and minor in SOC, and there–in only 1 year afterwards, I can receive a Masters Degree as well. Now the dilemma comes when I was recently asked the question, “What would you be willing to attempt for God, if you knew that you wouldn’t fail.” This question has begun to change my life, as it has many other people’s lives as well.

This has been plaguing my consciousness…In a good way. Some have heard this question before. Some have shrugged it off and went about their business. If the answer isn’t, “what I am doing right now” then I would say you need to do some serious praying and rearranging.

You see…life is SHORT…our days are numbered…and God didn’t put us on this planet to screw around…but rather to MAKE A DIFFERENCE by USING what HE has given us to advance HIS Kingdom and MAKE HIM FAMOUS!

Too many of us are held captive by fear…but remember He is THE MOST HIGH GOD!!!  Never let fear trump the potential God has placed in you!

By the way…if the thing that you would attempt scares you to death…if you have had sleepless nights thinking about it…if you KNOW that failure is a sure thing unless HE gets involved…then you should probably make a move…SOON!  (Like…maybe even RIGHT NOW!!!)

For me, the answer was immediate, “I would become a youth pastor and get paid well.” To this my friend replied,

“Why do you need to get paid well?”

“Because I would need to provide for myself and someday a family.”

“true, true, but God will provide!” This sounded like it came straight out of a sermon and was not easy to accept, but why? He WILL provide for me…always, no matter what I do.

So I am stuck. Stuck between going all the way to my Masters degree–or–getting my bachelors and jumping in head first into what I always wanted to do, but was too scared…fully trusting in God to provide and carry me. It’s that “life on the edge” that seems so appealing. I feel that I wouldn’t trust God as much knowing that I am fully capable of providing for myself. Now I know that jumping off a cliff hoping that an angel will catch me is no sane way of living…but there is some reason to madness in which people trust God. They don’t know what will come of their devotion, unless they are firm in their foundation in which Christ rests.

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