This is where you can find out more about what I am writing about. As many of you who read this know, when something impacts me emotionally, my medium is writing. Whether that be poetry or just getting it out before I explode. This is what I made:
Today steel and glass broke free from the frames,
the prisons that held them, controlled them, drove them.
Today drums were ringing, phones were singing, snow was falling,
falling down–outlining the wreck like a crime scene.
Today concern rang in, prayers weighed in, silence burned in,
into my memory–on loop mode, again and again.
Today tickets fell, money fell, tears fell,
hugs tell that love is stronger than green, stronger it seems.
Today never ends, it plays back again and again and again–
the same car, the same sound, the same wet and muddy ground.
Today was made by God, designed by God, crafted by God.
He knows the land ahead, and the dark behind, he knows my mind.
Today will melt like the snow, turn green and grow,
out of this only he will know, the direction this life will go.

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