This poem is on moving on

For any of you out there who need to move on from a girl. Let this breathe deep. (I’m no woman hater, I am just feeling for anyone hurting.)

In a While 12.18.2007

This is the last one for a while, about you that I shall compile—

Words into poetry, they flow o’ so easily—

When you were my muse, I was allowed to love and in fuse—

The emotions that spilled, it filled and drilled—now killed—

You love him, I saw it—nothin’ I could do to stop it.

Just don’t forget, I never did regret—

The feeling that I had for you, I held them for a year or two—

Now they filter through my mind, unforgiving, it needs to unwind.

Don’t worry..I’ll still be here, even though what I dreamed disappeared.

For you, I’d crawl a straight up mile, just know I’m done writing about you for a while.

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