Mediating the unseen

Well, a few nights ago I was involved in a massive statewide battle of phone calls between friends and family involving a very touchy issue. Eventhough this is a blog, and most likely no one is seeing much of this, I still have confidential matters to keep in mind. ANYWAY, when I was done talking for the night, I found myself utterly and completely drained of any strength to move, think or care about anyone. I found myself at a loss for any words, as I have never been “helped out” before.

The only thing that I could even think about doing was going to God. I had to just sit before him (kneeling was too much at the time) and ask for peace. I needed more peace in that moment than I had ever needed it before. When He started giving it to me, I found that I was weeping. I was weeping hard. It was like He was telling me that He’s got it. he was telling me that He was going to mediate the unseen and fix everything from now on. I didn’t have to fix it–even though that is exactly how I felt.

I am doing better now. Much better. I just need to remember that when I become overwhelmed–don’t ever forget God. He is right there.


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