The Year I Left My Mid 20’s

If you have been following my writing on this site, and you have good understanding about how and why I write, then you know that key life moments usually make the grade, among other inspiring things. Tomorrow is such a life event. Tomorrow I leave my mid 20’s. Tomorrow I turn 27.

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We Made Them Into More Competent Criminals

Hello everyone. I haven’t written at all this month! Man. Shame. 

Well, I am on here to let you know that I DID write something, but it’s on my other site, The Traveling Social Worker. This is where I write about my work, and other social work related stories. It’s my connection to other practitioners within my field and a way that I can vent out ethical dilemmas without clouding this site. The name of the article is the title of this post. Check it out if you want a little more insight to what I do.


He Must Go

Hey everyone. Eric here. I thought I would let you all know that I have finally branched out and written something else besides a personal blog post, educational piece, or comical satire on something. Yes, I have delved deep inside the recesses of my mind to find that I actually really enjoy writing short stories.

To find my short story, you can’t actually get it here. You have to jump over to How We Lost the Moon, a website that I am one of the authors for. I help write pieces that catch my attention and I enjoy writing about. Besides my short story, I have written three parts of a so far eight part series called, DeWitt’s Last Hebdomad. It’s really fun and I am honoured to have a spot on the team.

So head over there, here’s the link: And check out my brand newly released short story entitled, He Must Go. I hope you enjoy.


Even in the Storm

The wind outside is blowing, but in a special way. It ebb’s and flows like an ocean breathing. As I sit in my chair, listening to a music playlist I designed for writing, I can’t help but stop moving my fingers and listen to the wind-dance happening right outside. If I were tired, it would lull me to sleep. I could easily be transported to a beach-side house, reading my book to the sounds of the waves breaking over the sand.  Continue reading

Independence Day 2014

This past 4th of July marked the 238th year since we as American citizens gained our independence from the British. In my lifetime, I will hopefully have seen the 250th anniversary and maybe even the 300th if I live to 89 years old! Countless struggles and trials have been overcome in those 238 years. Numerous victories won. Injustices done to people have been too many to count. What we are today is a manufacturing of the choices we have made along the way. The America that we see is a product, a project, but we are not a finished project. We are not a finished product. No. As the years go on, we change, shape, and decide what America will look like in the next 20 years, 50 years, or 100 years.

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